Sunday, November 08, 2009

Couple's massage at the yoga center

I have started going to yoga at a new studio, Planet Earth Yoga (in Fremont).

It's a nice little studio that has small classes and a knowledgeable instructor (recommended by my physical therapist). I miss hot yoga a lot but this has been much better for me since I've been injured.

Yesterday the studio had a couple's massage class, which the Studly Hubby grudgingly agreed to (mainly because I am pregnant and he is wisely aware of the hazards of angering a pregnant lady).

The class was a lot different than I thought it would be. I thought we would get a little book on massage technique and get lectured on how to effectively work out muscle tension with your fingers and knuckles and elbows etc, but instead it was a simple do-it-and-make-it-work kind of thing. We spent one hour on each person and the instructor just talked us through a basic massage - start at the head, do the neck, the shoulders, then move to the arm and the leg, then do the feet, then switch to the other side. It was very straightforward and didn't take a lot of skill.

And it was AMAZING!! The Studly Hubby did a GREAT job on me and when I got to massage him it was exhilarating. We were both worried it would hurt my achy back to lean over him for an hour, and he was sure he wouldn't enjoy it anyway... but I think he really liked it! and I used all the props from yoga to help out my back (it's amazing how helpful a foam brick can be). Plus there was an indescribable thrill to it - maybe because I'm very tactile, and don't normally get to touch to many things without seeming weird, or maybe because his body was so fascinating (he has a manly brow! and giant hands and feet! oh my!). Probably I was also thrilled by the electric energy of the healing touch too. We both felt awesome afterwards.

The Studly Hubby just after his massage. You can see the foam brick just behind him that I sat on to protect my back. The teacher also had a million of these navajo blankets that you could use to crouch on and keep warm with and we were lying on cozy foam mats. It was quite lovely!

The Studly Hubby sprawled out at our 'spot' on the floor in the studio. The teacher thought I was pretty funny taking pictures of him. I didn't tell her it was for my blog!

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