Sunday, November 01, 2009

23 Weeks

I am one week away from the 3rd trimester. I am finally getting a pretty obvious bump, and people in my yoga class are starting to guess. But I feel like my height is finally working to my advantage because the belly has so far been very manageable.

I am starting to really be able to feel the baby move. She is very wiggly (during ultrasounds and lots of other times) and we have figured out that she probably gets this from her dad, according to the all-knowing Studly Mother-In-Law, who reports that baby's daddy was also quite wiggly in utero (unlike my brother and I, who 'didn't move' the entire pregnancy according to my Studly Mommy). I think Dad is very proud that his genes are already making themselves obvious. Also, clearly they'll be a good match for each other.

A doc appointment a few weeks ago and heavy-duty ultrasound all looked good, baby and mommy are healthy, all the tests are coming back negative except one. Apparently I am a carrier for cystic fibrosis, but thank goodness the Studly Hubby is not a carrier so the baby may be a carrier but won't have the full-blown condition. Also as you can tell I am using 'she' now so we found out the gender and the technician seemed pretty confident of the diagnosis. Plus my baby-girl instinct, which I have had since before I found out I was pregnant, has been verified.

Also I am happy to report that I finally got vaccinated for H1N1, a huge relief since this has been wreaking havoc on pregnant ladies around the country, and the doctor did a good job of freaking us both out a few weeks ago. We have been progressively being more careful as it hits Seattle (we both stopped riding the bus, I've requested my co-workers let me know if they run a fever, etc) and I've been getting more worried as the number of cases here goes up, but now I am vaccinated and I can sleep better!!


Girl Detective said...

Abbie wants you to name the baby Abbie Bear Junior. By the way, I went on bed rest with Abbie at 21 weeks!! Imagine if you had to stay home in bed from now until you have the baby; thank goodness for Lifetime TV.

J-Funk said...

Gah! 21 weeks!! That is unimaginable. I would go totally crazy. I guess I didn't inherit the bedrest gene from you, hopefully I continue to feel as good as I do now!

MJ said...

Yeah! It's so exciting from here on out! Enjoy the next couple of months - once I really started getting bigger it's been harder to sleep, or just to stay comfortable! (and I still have 2 more months - yikes!) Oh, and I'm getting my H1N1 vaccine tomorrow - thank goodness! :)

tom said...

Thanks for the update...go baby!