Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Studly Hubby's NERD party

Last weekend The Studly Hubby threw a 'Windows 7 Release Party' (aka NERD party). Microsoft sent him a party pack full of games, decorations, party gifts, and a free copy of Windows 7 in exchange for the loose promise of inviting some people over and advertising Windows 7. We actually like Windows 7 and thought that was a neat idea so we hooked the computer up to the TV and showed it off like we were supposed to. We also made people dress up like their favorite Windows icon - below is a 'My Pictures' icon (who won second prize) and a 'Windows defendor' (who won first prize).

In the spirit of the party, we put up a 'Penalty Box' for crimes against Windows 7, but I was the only one that ended up in it all night.

The Studly Hubby bought himself a blue unitard for the party, which he was pretty excited about. He originally had a sign around his neck with his favorite logo, XAML (a Silverlight programming language), but the sign was unwieldy and was eventually left behind somewhere. Fortunately when one's costume includes a blue unitard it's interesting with or without the main feature.

Here we are with our full costumes. I was the MSN butterfly (the Studly Hubby's idea - I stole it) and he was XAML. The butterfly wings were also a bit unwieldy, and required some extra maintenance to keep the wings from drooping - but we made it work.


arial said...

I want to know what crime sent you to the penalty box. Sounds like an awesome party, wish I could have been there.

Uncle KT said...

Maybe I'm a nerd but that sounds like an awesome idea for a party! Without reading the entry I was wondering if the one woman was a "My Pictures" folder. I've heard that Windows 7 is great, but haven't used it myself. I'm glad that there's something good out there now for when I get a new laptop!

pooja said...

I'm glad my icon was so recognizable (I'm "the one woman" in question); I'm still bitter I didn't win the contest!! Next time I'll be sure to bring a handful of extra votes...I mean "guests"...

Thanks for hosting the party, J&D!

uncle bruce said...

You couldn't make this stuff up. I am, like, at a loss for words.

If I wear a blue hooded unitard, will it be easier to install the driver for my new HP printer on my old XP SP1 machine?

J-Funk said...

Ariel - it was slander against Windows 7. I can't remember what kind of slander though.

Uncle KT - it WAS awesome! it's fun to have a party theme, even if it's a nerdy one.

Pooja - I think the odds were stacked against you from the beginning, although Derek says you didn't lose by much which means some people were crossing party lines (and voting for you). If I had to vote it would have been tough - you both had great costumes!

Bruce - yes, I think the blue unitard could be helpful all around.

Uncle KT said...

Oh, when I showed Kevin the post he said that he would have voted for your butterfly costume. He loved the idea. He liked the committment shown by Derek's willingness to buy and wear a blue unitard, but liked the butterfly better. Just thought I'd share his "two cents" as well. And I was totally referring to you Pooja as "the one woman"!