Saturday, October 24, 2009

First baby present!

The Studly Hubby and I got our first baby present, and it is a bumbo chair!! Thanks Caetano and Rosana! You guys supplied us with an entire night of entertainment (clearly we are easy to entertain).

We spent a lot of time putting together a very long baby registry at Target and at Amazon that includes a few fun things but mostly things we really really need (at least what we think we need). Not only is it fun to get gifts, but it felt really good to get our 'to buy' list organized and spend lots of time thinking hard about what we want (which we really like to do). So I am super-duper excited about our baby lists (and the upcoming shower(s) that are being thrown for us when we go back to the homeland in November - thanks A&D and L&L for organizing these!!). Note that the Target gift list is super-short because 1) we wanted to encourage people to send us things (which is easy through Amazon) rather than buy them and give them to us when we are traveling and 2) Target locked me out of their system after I had only put a few things on the list because they wanted to 'verify' I was really me and asked me some hard questions I couldn't answer right.

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Uncle KT said...

I find the "new parent" vocab really funny...mainly because there are so many terms that I have never heard of... What is that chair for (just sitting?), is it for you or the kid? (Looked like for the kid?)