Sunday, October 04, 2009

It's FALL!!

We've had such a crazy, chaotic summer that I was REALLY looking forward to fall this year.

Plus fall is the season for my favorite foods:

Apple crisp!

Our favorite recipe is the one by America's Test Kitchen - it is SO delicious! But my old stand-by, the Joy of Cooking apple crisp recipe (with oatmeal) is pretty good too.

And Pumpkin Pie!!

My favorite pumpkin pie recipe is the one on the Libby's pumpkin can - although it's still good without Libby's brand pumpkin. And homemade whip cream is not necessary but certainly delicious.

Another fall favorite - going to the APPLE FARM!!

In Minneapolis we would always go to Aamodt's apple farm, which sold the locally invented Honeycrisp apple (mmm-mmm delicious!) and had loads of good food to eat and fun stuff to do.

We're still looking for that perfect apple farm in Washington - we went to one two years ago with a corn maze but we got lost and stuck in the mud and it wasn't as fun as it sounds. Plus they didn't have any apple-flavored popcorn.

Another great thing about fall is that it provides the perfect excuse to GO SHOPPING! Which I have been doing a lot of this year, as my belly is popping out of all my normal clothes. I also managed to convince the Studly Hubby that some hip fall boots would be really good for the baby:

And they are WARM, too!

Happy fall everyone!!


Uncle KT said...

The U just released a new apple (the "child" of the Honeycrisp and the Zestar) call the Sweetango. It's pretty good. I actually still like the Honeycrisp better but of the people that I know that have tried it I'm the only one that liked the Honeycrisp better. They said on the news that it's going to take a while for the apple to get into nation-wide circulation though. So look for in the next few years out in your area.

uncle bruce said...

Try cooking the pumpkin yourself instead of getting it out of a can, it's better.

This is an annoying time of year for us because almost every pumpkin or apple dessert in stores and restaurants has cinnamon, which gives your aunt N a bad stomach ache. People should learn that cinnamon is optional.

I never heard of honeycrisps until this year, but apparently they're the biggest thing.

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