Sunday, September 13, 2009


It's been frigging an entire summer since I've posted.

I guess we've had a heckuva summer! Let me tell you... (and then you should forgive me my blog-neglect)

Right after my last post, we went on our family vacation to Missouri and had a blast, but then I came back to Seattle with some kind of awful stomach bug that sent me running to the doctor where I found out I was PREGNANT!!! I was quite pleased but as you can imagine but also a bit worried that the next three months was going to be a continuation of the horrible week I had been having... especially when the doctor assured me that it probably would be (and prescribed a bunch of anti-nausea drugs).

Fortunately I did get better and the subsequent pregnancy-associated nausea and exhaustion was so mild compared to actually being sick that I put up with it like a champion (although it did get kinda bad about a month later during Seattle's record-breaking heat wave... ugh). But the fun didn't stop there. While I was recovering from the stomach bug we took in a vacationing neighbor's dog - normally pleasant but not this time. Two weeks later, we returned her with a vow never to dogsit again. Meanwhile we had been hunting for a new apartment and had ramped up the motivation since getting the big news, and we finally found something... a perfect little house only a few blocks away... so the weekend after we gave back the dog, we started packing! Seriously! So all in one month after returning from the fun family vacation I got really sick, found out I was pregnant, dogsat for a totally obnoxious dog, and then MOVED. Thank goodness my very Studly Hubby helped a lot with all this, including hiring movers to do all the heavy lifting (but I learned that even with movers it is still a huge amount of work).

After that we started having some fun - we had family visit, went on a big camping vacation with a bunch of friends to a beautiful peaceful island north of Seattle, and had some other friends over to celebrate our new house and the deck that is attached to it. We also got our stuff unpacked, kept the flowers alive in the new garden, and bought shelves for the basement and a desk for the bedroom.

But as you can imagine we are pretty worn out. Then, at the end of it all, we both caught colds and were totally wiped out over Labor Day weekend. Fortunately it was a rainy weekend anyway and we had needed a good excuse to stay home and watch TV all weekend, which is exactly what we did. This weekend we are finally feeling better, a little recovered, and ready for fall and a fresh new month (with much less in the calendar).

Due: end of February
Baby bump status: starting to make an appearance
Gender bet: girl
Gender decision: we will find out ASAP (hopefully in one month)
Current names favorites: Wardonius, Carnitas Fajitas Burrito (if it's a girl), Falgar

Probably this blog will have a lot more baby stuff in it from now on, so get ready!


Peggy said...

I am so thrilled for the both of you. I think you'll be such fun parents for this little person!

Take your prenatal vitamins!

Fixen Vixen said...

Congratulations! My only suggestion is don't call her Carnitas. People might call her Carnie, and I just think circus carnies all the way. Scary.

uncle bruce said...

I thought this blog was a goner for sure. The blog police stopped by and padlocked the place.

If it's a boy, may I suggest "Herky". That's what we called Ryan before he was born. We figured calling him that would enable us to postpone the actual decision until we saw him. Along the same lines, if it's a girl, how about "Wollavine" or perhaps "Velma".

MJ said...

Yeah! You're back! I had just seen your announcement on facebook and started doing some calculating in my head, wondering if you stopped blogging about the time you found out you were pregnant! :) It's a bit easier to do the math in my head when I know you're about 2 months behind my pregnancy!

The Mop said...

If I have kids... you totally get to name them

Uncle KT said...