Sunday, September 27, 2009

Do you ROCK?

The Studly Hubby and I rock, that's for sure!

Because we can stay up past 9 pm (sometimes). Like last Tuesday night, when we went down to Key Arena at the Seattle Center (near the Space Needle) to go to a Pearl Jam concert.

Key Arena (I'm pretty sure the concert was sold out):

And here's me thinking about how hard I'm about to rock:

The Study Hubby thinks it bodes well for my mommy potential that I know how to rock. I think it says something about what kind of father he's going to be that he thinks that (translation: baby will be playing drums in Dad's band by age 3). While we were waiting for the music to start we figured out that this is actually baby's SECOND concert (and baby has only existed for 4.5 months!). The first one was, to my delight, Tori Amos.

The concert was good. Pearl Jam showed that they know how to rock professionally and didn't need any glitz and glam to make a good show. They told us this was their 50th show in Seattle (!!).


1) The drunk ladies in front of us that thought for some reason they could influence all the people in front of them to sit down by yelling and waving wildly. At first it was funny, but after three songs it got old and someone else thankfully let them know this.

2) The fight that almost broke out on the bus on the way home. Not only was it a new experience for me to see two nearly-crazy men almost come to blows in a very crowded situation, but a (very small woman) took it upon herself to break it up (and she was successful!). This one made me think a little differently.


uncle bruce said...

Rock a bye baby. That might be all the rockin you do once baby arrives. So enjoy concerts while you can. Also do plenty of cycling, running, wine tasting, and all those other yuppie things.

Fixen Vixen said...

Your baby is going to have excellent taste in music!

Uncle KT said...

Cool, sounds like fun.