Sunday, September 27, 2009

baby BUMP!

Flash forward (brought to you by the Baby Bump Belt at the maternity store):

What I actually look like right now (at 4 months, the pic was taken about 2 weeks ago):

If I'm slouching (which I'm not in the picture) you can see the bump a lot better, and anyone who knows me can tell there's something there that wasn't a few months ago - but if I stand up straight a stranger still can't really tell. I gave a talk on Friday and some other post-doc moms in my department guessed but they said the thing that gave me away was that I put my hand on my belly sometimes during the talk that was in a way that only a pregnant woman would do. Huh!


Peggy said...

You look beautiful!

Uncle KT said...

I think I'd have to see you in person to actually know...and I'm not too observant (for a scientist) so I still might not get it!

Anonymous said...

Looking great! That baby bump pic is a shocker though... wow..