Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My Grandpa's blog

I am very lucky that I have grandparents that are computer-savvy. One of them even has a blog (my Grandpa S., the Kind of Iowa). It's really great to read the stories and see all of his old pictures... what a great treasure! My dad has also been using his blog to post stories from his past. It is a wonderful treat to read these stories, many of which I have never heard. I guess I am part of the generation that posts the stories while they happen. Someday I will probably print out the thousands of posts I hope to put up in my lifetime and it will be the story of my life!


MJ said...

Wow! I LOVE that idea! I may have to try to get someone in my family to try this!

almost eighty said...

The nearest thing to a blog that we had when I was growing was a Big Chief tablet and a sharpened lead pencil. A far cry from today.
A lot has transpired, some good, some bad in the last 79 plus years.

uncle bruce said...

It was a real treat to look at your granddad's blog. I wish I was in the family!

It's fun to read about what's happening to you now, but if you ever want to post an item about back then, it would be just as much fun for us as reading your Dad's blog or your granddad's.