Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bank robbers on the loose in the neighborhood

Last night there was quite the show in our neighborhood. Police and helicopters from multiple counties gathered down the block, and we all watched and wondered. Then we went inside and turned on the news and there was a breaking story about some bank robbers that had been chased down the freeway and into the city where they abandoned their car and ran on foot... into our neighborhood! Today's article in the paper is kind of boring but sums it up. Apparently the police went door-to-door looking for the robbers and eventually caught one of them, but the other one is still on the loose. If he was smart, he got out of the neighborhood as fast as possible, but smart people don't usually rob banks without a good getaway plan so who knows what he did. 

We've been locked up tight in the apartment all night without any incidents. Everyone that walked by our window all night looked like a bank robber to me, but when they got closer I realized that they were neighbors I knew or visiting neighbors I knew or clearly not a bank robber for other reasons. It was an exciting night.

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