Thursday, January 22, 2009

Layoffs at Microsoft

Those of you who read probably saw the headline this morning that Microsoft is laying off a sizeable chunk (~5%) of their company. Apparently even though they still had 2% growth last quarter, profits were lower than expected and they felt they needed to trim things up to keep stockholder's confidence (although stocks have fallen today anyway, I'm not sure why). Fortunately the Studly Hubby has been safe from getting the axe so far. If he does, we will be ok - he has been my trophy wife before and he's not afraid to do it again (and in that case I will benefit because when the Studly Hubby is home he often bakes, and when he bakes he often bakes cookies and cake, yum!). Meanwhile the Studly Hubby is still enjoying the new job, has diversified his skills and is challenging himself in a lot of ways, and has been learning the ropes and enjoying all the sweet benefits of Microsoft - it has been a good experience so far. Fingers crossed that the economy gets better before things get worse at Microsoft (and everywhere else...)!

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Peggy said...

I was thinking about you two when the announcement came on our news. I'm glad you're okay.