Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Dahlia Lounge Experience

Last weekend for my Studly Hubby's birthday we ventured out to try a new hip downtown restaurant, the Dahlia Lounge. It is a Tom Douglas restaurant, who is a famous Seattle restauranteur. He has a bunch of restaurants in town, and supposedly a friend of a friend of ours that happens to have the same name always gets the best tables when he calls in reservations at restaurants around town.

So we put on our fancy downtown clothes (in Seattle, that means corduroys and a hoodie), fired up the Seattle-savvy Honda Civic, and cruised down to where things are happenin'. The restaurant was very nice, and had very good food. After brunch we shared a slice of coconut cream pie, which was so rich that even between the two of us we had trouble finishing it. Yum.

Afterwards we took advantage of being downtown and browsed around J. Crew, H&M, Banana Republic, and Macy's. The downtown stores are all very exciting. Especially right now - there are major sales all over the place. We haven't decided yet whether we should be saving or spending in this crazy economic time, so we did the usual - browse hard and buy when necessary. The big item that day was a new pair of Birthday Sweatpants for the Studly Hubby, who adores his sweatpants like a hockey player adores his ice skates.

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