Saturday, May 24, 2008


The Studly Hubby and I went down to the Seattle Center today to partake in this weekend's festivals - FolkLife!

A bunch of hippies perform music, make food, do various street performances, and sell their hippy artwork and the rest of Seattle comes to check it out.

We actually bought some hippy artwork, something we don't do but are trying to get better at.

My massage therapist was manning a table at centrally located massage tent (they had a receptionist and four massage therapists and were booked solid all weekend). I stopped by to say hi and she gave me a quick sweaty distracted hug. She has been wonderful to me and my aching back over the past month. She said she usually makes thousands of dollars at these festivals and attracts some new clients, and at the really hippy festivals she gets to trade massages for food and goods, and run all around barefoot!

We also checked out America's New Craze, the Wii Fit (they had a demonstration tent with lots of stations where you could try it out). For those of you who have your head stuck in the sand, the Wii is Nintendo's new video game system and the Wii Fit is an attachment for it that you stand on (the white thing the lady above is standing on) that can detect your movement respond accordingly. In the end you are supposed to get some exercise. You can do things like yoga, skiing, soccer, or play silly games they made up. It looked pretty cool.

Folklife took up most of the large area around the Space Needle and there were tons of people, vendors, demonstrations, and other activities. Really it was a lot of fun. We generally hit all the festivals at least once to check them out and this was one of the better ones I've ever been to.

One of the highlights of any event at the Seattle Center is the big fountain next to the Space Needle. In the summer there are always kids (and adults) playing in it but it's a georgeous thing to look at all by itself. There's a little too much concrete around it for my tastes though... maybe it's to provide some space for people to go in muddy conditions (I've been to the Seattle Center when it's muddy and it was not fun).

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