Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bullet Train

I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in over a week! I try not to let that happen very often but WHAM! all of a sudden a week has gone by and I didn't even blog.

Usually I just do science by day and by night I'm a superhero with a cape and flying skills and everything. But this past week I've had to do science by night as well, since I'm going to be out-of-office for a bit over the next two weeks (mom is visiting, then off to a conference in Boston and short vacation in NYC after). The Studly Hubby also had to give up his nightly superhero adventures (he has a great outfit you should see it). Yesterday was his last day at Microsoft until September - as a contract worker he gets laid off temporarily after every year so he can't sue them for keeping him on as a contractor indefinitely. Other than cramming three weeks of work into the last week so he could get his final project done, it's not a bad deal having the summer off. He can moonlight at some of the other awesome companies in Seattle, get some animation done and other personal projects he's been craving to work on (learning was on the list), and he can collect unemployment when he's not moonlighting so we don't go broke.

Also on the list of things we've been doing -

We babysat Mz. Zephyr again, the upstairs-neighbor dog

I also picked my first bouquet of flowers from my garden (most of the flowers were already there, I just had to weed around them):

And the Studly Hubby started raising money for our fund-raising bike ride in September (for the American Lung Association). He's already raised $235!! Our goal is $500 each. We are part of a team of 6 and Derek is coming in a close 2nd right now. (I have ZERO dollars so far, so I'm a distant last place). Now we should probably start training...

If you want to donate money to help kids get to asthma camp and for lung research (which I do) and many other good things that the American Lung Association does, click here and enter in my name or Derek's name to help sponsor one of us in our ride. We don't know who donates so if you want a personal thank-you note let me know it was you.


Uncle KT said...

Love the helmet!

pooja said...

We miss Derek already!! But it sucks that he had to cram so much work into his last couple days..

Great to see you at Kate's last week. I told Derek we should all do that every few weeks -- can't beat the half-off food!

J-Funk said...

Yeah, Kate's is awesome! I'm so glad we could all get together. I would love to hook up there regularly, then we could all do some necessary Friday drinkin' and fightin'.

pooja said...

What better way to start off a weekend?!