Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The Studly Hubby and I finally Fell To Modern Technology and signed up for Facebook accounts. So now we're on there just like everyone else and you can come find us and say hello. No guarantees that I'll figure out you've been by though, so thanks in advance.

Speaking of modern technology, now that I'm laid up with a back injury, I've been watching a lot of crappy TV lately. Our new TV is so awesome it even makes crappy TV kind of good. My new favorite show is Gossip Girls which is crappy in a really addictive way. The first thing that got me hooked were the style-setting trends - now I know that headbands are indeed back in style and so are Converse, and I intend to use this to my advantage. But now I also know that teenagers really do use their cell phones like passing notes and blogs for spreading gossip. How interesting! What a concept!

I should use this blog for gossip. Here is the gossip around our house:

1. The dog we dogsat for this weekend has a secret crush on the neighbor's cat, but if you ask her about it she'll tell you it's not true.

2. The Studly Hubby got caught eating too much bread the other night and came down with a wicked case of the hiccups.

3. The strawberry plants in the back garden have been showing off something awful and one of them even flowered last week (the nearby basil plant is both shocked and bewildered).

4. Our new Honda Civic blatantly sucked down a whole tank of gas last month, and I had to pay out of my own pocket to fill it back up again!

wow we need to get out more.


Lizaveta said...

hahaha...you make me laugh. :)

and I'll look you up on Facebook....


Anonymous said...

i know what you mean about getting out more...the hottest gossip at our house today was that our dog hunted down and ate a fly.

uncle bruce said...

Your cousin Alison is on both Facebook and MySpace, I think.

Monica said...

hey guys, what do you think which one is better for marketing.
Facebook or Twitter