Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a week!

Merely a WEEK after my traumatic 30th birthday I was hit with a back injury that left me crippled, leaning over, requiring a walking stick and a back brace, and staying home from work. Everyone says, 'oh! You're only 30! you'll bounce right back!' - hopefully this is true.

I went to the chiropractor twice on Friday and they were very nice and helpful (they gave me the walking stick and back brace) but didn't fix it - it's a muscle sprain so there's not much that can be done. I hurt it hefting up the garage door with a heavy backpack on - at least I was doing something that requires some muscle (someone admitted to me yesterday that they hurt their back just as bad by simply bending over to put their underwear on - yech).

So I've been at home on the couch catching up on the stuff I can do from a couch - emails, reading, bossing my Studly Hubby around, and chatting on the phone. I thought I would get a lot of that kind of stuff done but it turns out everything happens pretty slowly when your back hurts, because it's still limiting to have to stay vertical and not move anything.

Eventually this afternoon my muscles stopped spasming and released enough so I could stand up straight. I immediately went outside and checked on my bulbs (a dandelion is growing over one of them, oh no!) and then had to come back in and lie down again because it was such an exhausting event. Tomorrow I will probably stay home from work again but there is still plenty more to do from the couch.

Hopefully I am bouncing back - I'm only 30, after all...


uncle bruce said...

Was this one of those deals where you were supposed to bend your knees instead of bending over to grab the garage door handle? Nowadays I worry about that every time I take out the garbage. "Hope I remember and don't throw my back out picking up this heavy garbage can ..."

Eric said...

When I was 24 I tried to pick up a car.... Just figured I'd try it.. it only had to come up a little... I was laid up for 2 weeks, couldn't sit proper for 4.

But Chiropractors... Better off going to a voodoo priest