Sunday, April 20, 2008

Garden Update

My bulbs are starting to come up! They sure took their sweet time, I was starting to fear for their lives. But I think they're going to be ok.One of my bulbs popping up in the front garden, where it is the sunniest. I already need to weed it - everything grows so fast here! It seems pretty happy and sturdy so far though.

My raspberry bush - it was just a stick for weeks and weeks and now finally looks like it could make something. Hopefully this year! I'll be thrilled if I get one raspberry (I'm sure it will be delicious!).

Speaking of delicious farm-fresh food, we got our first box of vegetables this week from Full Circle Farms:
The box had an abundance of good food in it, about half of which was locally grown (hopefully more will be local once summer is in full-swing). I swear this stuff is even more delicious than the co-op stuff, which is already pretty good. And what a fun assortment of stuff! We got collard greens, sweet peas, potatoes, mangoes, avacado, and a bunch of good recipes. Yummy!


Peggy said...

All those lovely vegetables! Lucky you guys!

I hope your poorly back feels better soon and your back to your own twist-without-pain self again.

Eric said...

mmmm Peas and potato's......

mmmm Steam the Greens, then douse them in vinegar... Balsamic or malt.

(if you don't have a vegetable steamer... you must get one)

My peas are just comming out of the ground, and the potato's won't come up till June.