Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm still here!

Whew! Another busy couple of months just flew past. We had TWO grandmas in town (one after the other) and several back-to-back trips by the Studly Hubby and I (literally - he flew out an hour before I landed..!). Plus a Big 2-yr-old's Birthday, a Catastrophic Missed Trip to LA, a crazy gluten-free diet and lots of extremely hectic stuff going on at work for both of us. Fortunately we made through it all and are now emerging on the other side. Whew!

Some details:

I found out I may have a mild allergy to gluten, a possible explanation for my hard year last year (gluten allergies create lots of trouble absorbing nutrients, and that combined with breastfeeding was probably a big burden on my system). I've always suspected this, and to help me sort it out I went to a food allergy specialist that has me taking a storm of probiotics and other stuff in addition to a crazy strict diet. I've given up gluten, dairy and soy milk to see if it helps (a little helpful so far, although I haven't gone through any official tests yet). It's been weird, to say the least.

The 2-yr birthday went very well, Grandma L was in town and the Studly Hubby was out of town. We spent the day doing all of Layla's favorite things including some birthday cupcakes at the gluten-free coffee shop. Layla finished the day off by throwing up all over her room which I hear is common on birthdays. Too much sugar + too much bouncing = upset stomach. Or, it was just another stomach bug (that would be #4 for the year). She was fine the next day.

The Catastrophe was unexplainable. One minute we were walking into the airport with plenty of time to catch our flight and the next minute we were somehow missing the flight. In between there were long lines, some problems with our baggage and security, a busy toddler, and a harried walk-run to the furthest gate in the airport (a little tough with a busy toddler). After we missed our flight we tried to re-book and found we absolutely couldn't do it without paying $600 per ticket change (apparently they hate when you miss your flight). We went back home, disappointed, exhausted, and shocked. In my rich history of flying, I've only ever even come close to missing a flight once - this was my first actual missed flight. We now have credits with Alaska for the tickets and we are considering Hawaii as a consolation.

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uncle bruce said...

We tried gluten-free once. We had a box full of umpteen different kinds of flours, some of which were kind of weird: tapioca, chickpea, sorghum, and I don't remember what all (some of which we probably still have). We were doing trial and error to mix something that tasted "normal" and generally behaved well in baking. Before we had achieved that goal, we decided that gluten wasn't the problem after all.

OMG that she is 2 years old. That's about how old you were when I first met you (I think).