Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Layla on the stairs

Layla has been practicing going up and down stairs lately. Actually, until today, she just sat on the bottom step and cried, wanting to go up but not knowing how. But today, she completely figured it out - and crawled all the way up the deck stairs!! Here she is right before the big adventure.

Layla finds the skill very useful. After her bath tonight, she crawled out of the tub (with a little help from her dad) using the very same skills. And at the park, she will now be able to crawl up the stairs to the slide, which she has been dreaming about lately.

We don't have a fence around our backyard and I can't help but worry that my little girl is going to escape me and run someplace dangerous (and fall down the steps to the backdoor, or get knocked over by the neighbor's dog, or find a thorny vine in the driveway...). So, I hover over her like a worried hen and make her hold my hand all the time. Probably as the summer sets in I'll have to work out a better plan and baby-proof the yard. Or maybe I'll just make her keep holding my hand as long as she's willing, because it's so darn cute when she does.


Tony and Lisa said...

An idea for baby-proofing your yard that friends of ours used: use spray paint to draw a line in the grass (or even on the concrete driveway) as a boundary. (You obviously have to repeat this each time you mow the lawn.) You can train Layla to not go past that line. I don't know what your yard is like but this idea worked great for our friend's kids. I wish I had known it when ours were little!

Congratulations to Layla for her new skills. :)

J-Funk said...

Thanks! Layla's still a bit young for 'training' but I'll remember that when she's a little older!