Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Found out today from a pediatrician at my work that what Layla and I had at the beginning of December was most likely parainfluenza (shown above in an electron micrograph), which is like the flu but not quite as bad (so our vaccine didn't cover it). Apparently, it's nastier than most colds, often causes croup, and sent a lot of kids packing off to the Seattle children's hospital in December. So, we fared through it pretty well but it made me feel better to know that we got taken out by something more nasty than your average cold. Ugh.


Peggy said...

Fun with microbiology! Is that a slide of your virus or just a stock slide?

J-Funk said...

just a stock slide. I never actually confirmed I had parainfluenza virus, but as a microbiologist I feel like I should have fun guessing.

tom said...

whoa! maybe you know too much