Monday, January 24, 2011

Caspar BabyPants

Layla's new favorite rock band is Caspar BabyPants.

Caspar BabyPants is a local band that sprung from another local band you may have heard of, The Presidents of the United States of America... the lead singer, Chris Ballew, created Caspar Babypants. They have good music and lots of local shows. Layla and I are going to try to go to a show but I hear they are often sold out and the baby mosh pits can get really scary, so we are going to proceed with caution. Meanwhile Layla listens to their CD all the time and boogies down every time she hears it.

She also likes her FisherPrice singing table (which sings the Number Song, her number one favorite song in the world).

Layla's new favorite food is Kiwi.

At first she thought it was kind of weird, but after a few tries she started to really dig it and now if she sees some on the table she throws a fit until she can have it.

And Layla's new favorite second cousin is...


Layla and I agree that Lydia is the cutest second cousin she could ever have imagined, and Layla can't wait to meet her and steal her binki. She has been practicing on the other babies at daycare. Lydia is probably so sweet she won't even mind when Layla steals her binki, because sharing binkis is what second cousins are supposed to do!!


Liz said...

Indeed, Layla and Lydia will be best buds! :) And I'm sure she'll be glad to share her binki with Layla :) Thanks for the love, dear cousin!! :)

tom said...

nice cousin! that cousin better hang onto her binki!