Saturday, May 16, 2009

Travel by portkey

When Harry Potter travels by portkey, the feeling is described as having a hook somewhere behind the navel and being pulled to the destination, and that's exactly what happened to me last weekend, except I was pulled through time, from Friday to Monday. 

Friday night we went to see the new Star Trek movie, which was AWESOME (see post, below). Saturday morning I went to yoga, then to work, then to help some friends move who own about three houses worth of stuff (I'm not kidding, we filled up a 26 foot truck twice). Afterwards we stayed at their new house and had a nice twilight dinner on their back porch. The next day I got up early to go for a long bike ride in the gorgeous weather we've been having (which turned to muck during the week and has resumed again this weekend). After that I came home, ate some food, went back to work, then picked up a friend that's in town for a conference and caught up with her all evening. Fortunately she wasn't demanding and we had a really nice dinner and relaxing cup of tea back at our house before we dropped her off again late Sunday night. 

Monday, I woke up and resumed my wheat-free diet after a week off that included lots and lots of donuts. This time around I am clamping down and getting serious, and it's been very painful (for the 5 days I've been on it). It will be a miracle if I can last 2 weeks. It's the donuts I really miss, and cake. Maybe I can figure out a way to have wheat-free donuts and cake, and make my life a lot easier.

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