Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Taped Foot!

My physical therapist taped my foot on Monday!!

She wanted to test the theory that orthotics will alleviate my knee problems. She put tape across the arch so that when I'm bearing weight my arch can't collapse. It feels so weird!! I think it helped a little too, although it doesn't resolve the issue (that my ankle is stiff so I'm turning my foot in because I can't bend it as I normally should).

Having a taped up foot makes me feel really athletic. While I was at the gym, I strutted around barefoot for a few minutes to show off, but nobody noticed.


uncle bruce said...

I noticed the other day my feet point OUT. I was walking around the track on a layer of snow. Whoever was walking before me had his feet pointed straight, but mine pointed way out. I never realized before how different I am from these earthlings.

MJ said...

I had to have both of my feet taped just like that when I was in high school - I developed really bad shin splints (that turned into stress fractures) through the basketball season and they eventually had to make me some orthotics to help with my collapsing arches! They really did (and still do) help me, so I hope it works for you!