Sunday, December 07, 2008


We took a picture of these two different weird-o kinds of cauliflower at the co-op yesterday. The one on the right is clearly 'purple' cauliflower and I already forgot the name of the one on the left but we bought some because it was just too weird not too.

One good thing about getting a random assortment of veggies every other week is that you get used to and even start to enjoy having weird-o new veggies to eat all the time. Usually they are fun to look at AND good to eat!


Uncle KT said...

Wow, the purple stuff looks really cool!

Peggy said...

I've seen the light green one before but not the purple one! Pretty!

uncle bruce said...

I've eaten "brocco-flower" from the stores around here. Didn't look like the green stuff in your picture, though.

I think it's cool to make cole slaw from purple cabbage.