Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Honey-Do List

Have you heard of a honey-do list? It's the list you make for your spouse or partner ('honey, can you do this?') of housework etc that is inevitable in a long-term relationship.

These days, my poor Studly Hubby has a long honey-do list. Since I hurt my back, I haven't been able to do very much of the housework. Plus, it's the summer and there's a lot going on. Thus, there is a need for a list. So my Studly Hubby, a long-time fan of techie solutions to everyday problems, wanted to write a program to create a honey-do list that I can update from work or wherever. Then he discovered that iPhone has an application for this! It's called Zenbe, and you can create lists that you sync with other people so you can both see and update the lists.

We both installed Zenbe, and now we each have a list. It's great! And it's so much fun, my Studly Hubby barely notices how much housework he's doing.

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Uncle KT said...

love Honey-do lists!