Monday, August 04, 2008


One of the things I like about Facebook is the Status Updates. Anytime you want you can change your status (the message by your profile picture) to tell everyone what you are up to. For example, mine says right now "josie is a speedwalking demon" because I just got back from a kick-butt speedwalk (that's right, speedwalking is the new running, and it kicks butt) and wanted to brag about it.

But I just noticed something funny that nobody will ever notice unless I point it out, thus it has to be pointed out. Earlier today, my Studly Hubby's Status said, "Derek says, "eating dandelions makes you pee" and at the same time, my Status said, "Josie just went potty." Is that a funny coincidence or what? It turns out, I HAD been eating dandelions... and they DO make you go pee! But that story is for another post.


uncle bruce said...

Dandelions, heck. How about asparagus. Not only does it make you go, the stuff then smells like asparagus. (But it depends on your genes. Some people don't have this reaction to asparagus.)

Uncle KT said...

I don't think that I've had that reaction. On one hand I want to know what it smells like but since it doesn't happen to me I don't want to smell someone elses pee.