Friday, December 30, 2016

Blog revival and baby announcement

I can't believe it has been two years since I posted on this blog.

I used to post almost every week!!

I'm not sure what happened, or if I'll be able to start posting regularly again. But something Big happened, and it brought me back here because I wanted to share about it.

We had another baby!!

After a lot of debating we finally decided to procreate again. We are getting old and it was now or never. Also baby #1 is growing up (she's in first grade now) and I wasn't ready to move past all the cute babyness she brought into our lives.

But boy was it a tough decision. Our jobs are more demanding than ever. Our first kid keeps our schedule full and continually challenges our parenting skills in new ways. And I still have dystonia - even though it is well controlled with botox, there was no telling how my symptoms would be during my pregnancy or after, and it was a big decision whether i wanted to continue my regular treatments despite the unknown risk (i did, but this is for another post).

This new baby's name is Landon. He is two months old tomorrow. He is very cute and very sweet. He is identical in looks to his sister, opposite in personality, and just as happy and healthy. We consider ourselves very lucky.


As with Layla, I'd like to use this blog to commemorate some of his milestones as a sort of journal for myself, to use for a baby book I'd like to make for him - but I'm already falling behind. Well, better something than nothing!! Here goes...

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