Sunday, October 06, 2013

Our fabulous new house in Kansas

We bought a house!!

It's a lovely 2-story, recently built (2006) suburban home on a cul-de-sack only blocks from a great elementary (and close to our new daycare!) and near a great ~5K 'urban trail' and bike route. We are about 5 miles from campus (only about 15 minute drive) and less than a mile from Hy-Vee (Hy-Vee! I have so missed you!). We have four bedrooms, and a fully finished basement and HUGE yard (seriously, you can hardly see the fence - I have no idea how we're going to mow it). It is a little bit bigger than our current 2-bdr, 800 sq-ft craftsman rental in Seattle.

My husband is staying on with his current employer and working remotely, so he will be claiming some space for a 'home office.' We have no idea what to do with the rest of it. Probably, we'll be so overwhelmed by all the extra space we'll all end up together in the smallest bedroom with everything else we own taking up about half of the next-smallest bedroom. Hopefully, we can decide on some furniture to buy or fill up the space with bouncy balls or something.

We also plan to make or buy a Little Free Library to put in the front yard. Won't that look lovely?

Fall is here!!

I saw a book on blogging at the library today and remembered my blog - boy it's been a while!!

After a totally fabulous summer, we were almost relieved that fall was here. Almost.

The end of summer was particularly busy: we went to Kansas to get ready for our upcoming move (and buy a house!). The next weekend, we went on a group camping trip by Mount Rainier, which was beautiful and very, very fun. I didn't quite make it through the weekend without showering but the Studly Hubby did (and was not very studly at the end). The weekend after that we went back to our favorite vacation destination, Lake Chelan, for a too-short weekend of awesomeness. We were only there two nights but actually left earlier than planned because we were all so totally worn out. In between all that BOTH grandmas made trips out to visit.

Fall has brought some rest, earlier bedtimes for all of us, a cleaner house (we are really clearing out now - and even packing!), and now we are in the final stretch - less than a month left - getting extra busy getting in final visits with all our great friends, planning the move, booking a fabulous trip to Hawaii during the week we'll be homeless (yay!!) and even throwing a few parties. Fortunately we've only been mildly sick while everyone around us is flattened by some horrible Seattle Daycare Germ and the weather has continued to work in our favor - beautiful long enough for a garage sale and some park time but rainy when we need to get serious and do some packing and cleaning.

And through it all we are doing as much visiting as we can with all our great Seattle friends and all the fun stuff we enjoy before we leave. We are sure going to miss Seattle!