Sunday, October 06, 2013

Our fabulous new house in Kansas

We bought a house!!

It's a lovely 2-story, recently built (2006) suburban home on a cul-de-sack only blocks from a great elementary (and close to our new daycare!) and near a great ~5K 'urban trail' and bike route. We are about 5 miles from campus (only about 15 minute drive) and less than a mile from Hy-Vee (Hy-Vee! I have so missed you!). We have four bedrooms, and a fully finished basement and HUGE yard (seriously, you can hardly see the fence - I have no idea how we're going to mow it). It is a little bit bigger than our current 2-bdr, 800 sq-ft craftsman rental in Seattle.

My husband is staying on with his current employer and working remotely, so he will be claiming some space for a 'home office.' We have no idea what to do with the rest of it. Probably, we'll be so overwhelmed by all the extra space we'll all end up together in the smallest bedroom with everything else we own taking up about half of the next-smallest bedroom. Hopefully, we can decide on some furniture to buy or fill up the space with bouncy balls or something.

We also plan to make or buy a Little Free Library to put in the front yard. Won't that look lovely?

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uncle bruce said...

Here's a suggestion for space. One of our nieces on Nancy's side turned one of the rooms of their house into a play room by putting built-in padding on the floor. That was in addition to the TV room in the basement, which was well stocked with toys for little kids.

How was Hawaii? Your uncle and aunt have made two trips there, one on our honeymoon. Tell us about it, here or by e-mail.