Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Layla teaching the parents to behave

One thing we really enjoy about our little one is when she uses our own tactics against us (not always logically). Here are some of the funniest examples:

Layla has been tracking favorite colors for a while, but it makes her profoundly uncomfortable if you waffle or if you try to tell her you have a second or third favorite. Tonight, she demanded her daddy change his second and third favorite colors and when he didn't immediately oblige she said 'this is the final warning! If you don't listen then I'm going to leave the room and go play by myself!!'

We often give Layla choices, and the other day she decided to try it on us. She said, 'mommy, you can either have some lavender or no lavender.' I said, 'oh! I would like some lavender please!' and she promptly replied with, 'NO! we are all out of lavender!'

When Layla has good behavior and gets ready quickly in the morning, she gets as a reward a few minutes to play on the iPad. The other day, she asked me to put on my shoes and I didn't hear her, so she said, 'mommy! you just lost your iPad privileges!!' I was so surprised I laughed out loud, and she stopped me and demanded that I cry instead. After I fake cried for a while, she told me, 'it's ok, you can try again tomorrow.'


The Mop said...

She is like 7 years old now.... how dare she grow up.
I was reminded today about you for some reason. Decided to check in.

How exciting. Hope you are well

El Mopo

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J-Funk said...

Wow, Mr. Mop! Good to see you again! The kid is only 3 but looks like she's 6 and acts like she's 13. The blog is mostly about her these days. I hope things are well for you.