Sunday, February 10, 2013

Birthday season

Since we're part of a baby group that originated with a group of kids with close birthdays, now we have a 2-month window every year where we celebrate a birthday almost every weekend. We all decided to have a group birthday the first year and have done that ever since, but now many of us are also having our own birthdays. The first year, we had our birthday party at Gymboree, then second year it was at the Carousel Room at the zoo, and this year, the group birthday was at the Fun Zone (bouncy houses) at Arena Sports in Magnolia. It was fantastic - we went back the next weekend.

Today we had a birthday party at someone's house and next weekend will be another one at one of the neighborhood community centers. Whew! Lots and LOTS of birthday cake and tons of fun.

This means a certain little lady is having a birthday - and a birthday party! - next month. We are still deciding where but the theme will definitely be princesses. If you are coming to the party, you will get an invite once we organize the location, and we will specifically request NO PRESENTS (so Layla can focus on the cake and the venue). But for those of you who would really like to send a gift, here are a few suggestions and sizes specifics: Layla is a 5T in Gap and Old Navy, and a 4T in everything else, and a size 8 shoe. She likes Cars (especially Mator), Mickey Mouse (especially Goofy) and all of the Disney Princesses. She likes twirly dresses and fancy shoes and pretty jewelry. She loves doing any kind of art project especially gluing, cutting, stamping, and fingerpainting. She also really likes puzzles (esp princess puzzles) and Duplo lego sets. And she LOVES opening presents!

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