Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer bucket list

Saw this on a recent blog, and even though summer is 'half' over for all you normal folks, it just got started here in Seattle. But, I'm proud to say we're already making a lot of progress on the list, despite the extra-cool and rainy spring. So here it is:

The J & D & L Summer Bucket List:

- GO TO THE BEACH!! (there are many kinds of beach and we want to get to as many as we can)
- GO SEE SOME TIDEPOOLS (already checked!)
- GO TO THE WADING POOL (check, check and CHECK!)
- GO PICK SOME BLUEBERRIES! (does the Farmer's Market count?)
- GO FOR A BIKE RIDE (where IS my bike!?)
- CHECK OUT A SPRAY PARK (Found one! it was at Crossroads in Bellevue - nice!)
- GO TO A WATERPARK (heading there on Friday!!)
- GET AWAY FOR THE WEEKEND (Check and check... and this weekend, check again!)
- CALL MY DAD (oops! did you say you were moving to Texas?)
- TAKE A FERRY TO AN ISLAND (whoo! made it!)
- GET A PEDICURE (Check! First one ever - thanks B for getting me motivated!!)
- DO SOMETHING TOTALLY NEW (hmmm.... see above)

Well, I guess we're doing pretty good!!! I'll be calling my dad this weekend though...

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