Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The things coming out of Layla's mouth

Layla's starting to be able to tell us about more than just her opinions, although we're still hearing plenty of opinions (mostly involving milk, her scooter, and the playground). She can order events and associate different things and remember directions. Today on the way home from daycare she told me she wanted to get some milk, bring it outside, and then scoot with her Daddy. When she falls down at daycare, she can tell us about it and who was there and how she fell and what she hurt. She reads books to her Tigger, and she actually tells Tigger about the pictures and sort of tells the story to him. Although she is talking constantly, we still can't get her to talk on command (she NEVER reveals anything useful when I ask how her day was, or when we Skype with one of the grandparents). But, the new level of chatter is changing the way we handle her and how we plan our days (we can actually ask her whether she wants to go to the playground or go scooting). Most important, we can explain - and she understands - what we are doing and it has made traveling a ton easier. And it is probably a big relief to her, to be able to finally articulate what she is thinking!!

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