Monday, April 30, 2012

Potty training

People keep asking me about potty training. Well, we are aware this is the eventual goal, but we are not making much progress towards this goal. We got a little potty, and a seat for the big potty, and we read the potty books, and talk about it, and encourage it plenty, but I don't think Layla is quite there yet. She seems to be getting the idea of 'potty' but not getting the idea that she could go potty.

As a good example of this, I was changing Layla's diaper tonight, and she asked if she could go potty. I said ok, and took off her diaper, and instructed her to go in the bathroom and sit on the potty. Instead, she took a detour to the kitchen, where she screamed at her daddy "LAYLA NAKED!!!" and then squatted suspiciously... and pooped on the floor. Not quite what we were hoping for. But, there was the idea of going potty in there, so we weren't totally discouraged either.

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Tony and Lisa said...

I remember putting Elizabeth in a dress with no diaper and letting her run around in the yard. When "it" happened, she fully realized it!! Guess the more modern-day approach is the kitchen floor. ha! She'll get it eventually. Liz finally turned the corner when she went to VBS and saw her little friends using the potty. Peer pressure won out in the end!