Thursday, August 11, 2011

Layla's new favorite books

Layla has a new list of favorite books to share with you.

Layla's new most favorite book in the whole wide world is '10 little babies.' She LOVES babies, and loves to do all the things they do in the book (drink milk, play with dogs and cats, drive around tricycles, look at fish, throw big fits, etc). She insists I read her this book at least three times a day, usually multiple times. Fortunately it's a really cute book and I don't mind.

The next book was loaned to me by another my in our baby group - her son LOVES this book and now, unfortunately, Layla does too.

This is seriously one of the hardest books I've ever read in my life. It is all about Elmo's balls. He likes big balls and small balls and footballs and juggling balls. How can you read a book like this, over and over, and 1) maintain enthusiasm and 2) maintain a straight face?? Oh Elmo, I already hate you!

The mom who introduced Layla to Elmo's Balls redeemed herself somewhat by also loaning us this book:

This book is hysterical, very simple, and somehow captivates Layla at the same level that it captivates both me and her daddy. It's about a pigeon, who wants to drive a bus, and throws a big gigantic fit when he can't. I think we can all relate to that. Mo Willems, the author, drew very cute pictures and has a lot of good dialogue in it. This is one of many awesome books he has written, and we've tried some of the others, but this is Layla's favorite.


mwz said...
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arial said...

Okay, that was me commenting not mwz. I will try again.
Ten Little Babies was my favorite book when I was tiny too. I have 2 copies of the original, the new version is actually missing a couple pages. Layla of course has excellent taste, but I would expect nothing less.

J-Funk said...

Are all the babies Japanese in the original? I think it's funny that the babies change from page to page - different hair, nationality, etc.

What are the missing pages? Since you are counting down from 10 to 1, it's hard to think of something else that might have once been there.

mwz said...

I'm guessing that Arial was logged in as me (which is why that post was deleted).

Any way, we love Mo Williams. Knuffle Bunny is a classic.

arial said...

I came back to say, I think the book I have is called Babies, but it is by the same Author/Illustrator. Babies was the book that was remade with a couple pages missing.

Heather H said...

Elmo's balls are a big hit in our house again with kid #2. we always ad lib when reading out loud to get the other adult to crack up. There is much use of the color blue if you catch my drift!

J-Funk said...

Arial: Is 'Babies' a prequil to '10 Babies'? I'm super intrigued!!

Heather: holy cow! It's good to see you here! How are you doing? How are the two kids? And wow, that's a GREAT idea about Elmo's balls! We'll have to try that.

Anonymous said...

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