Monday, June 06, 2011

New words

Layla's vocabulary is increasing and I thought I'd try to sum it up for the record.

She most consistently uses sign language, and now she knows 'eat,' in addition to the words she used before - 'milk,' 'all done,' 'please,' and 'hungry.' She used to know 'more' but seems to have forgotten it.

She has a few words she says quite a lot, and these are: mama, papa, hi, dog, ruff! ruff!, ball and uh-oh! She also loves the song 'row row row your boat!' and can sing the first part (rowrow!!).

These are the words she says less often: apple, bird, water, milk, go, bath

We're pretty sure she understands a LOT of other words, and these are some of the ones we agree on: banana, orange, shoes, nose, no!, and baby. She also knows all the gestures for patty-cake! and understands when we say, "where is daddy?", "go get your milk!" and "your milk is on your stool!" Fortunately she hasn't figured out "let's go change your diaper!" or "time for bed!" although we say those a lot and probably shouldn't because she'll start to catch on sooner or later. We've also noticed her mimicking a LOT of stuff we do, like putting toothpaste on our toothbrush, stepping into our shoes, washing our hands and the dishes, unlocking the car and house (and she knows where to find our keys!), putting earbuds in her ear, dancing to music, and exclaiming in delight (the last two she does on her own but she will also copy us exactly if one of us is doing it too).


Mike Overall said...

Pistachios are awful lol

Anonymous said...

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tom said...

soon she'll learn "give me the keys!" and "why can't I stay out past midnight?"