Saturday, May 21, 2011

New cookbook excitement!!

Our house is abuzz with the arrival (from the Amazon fairy) of a new cookbook, 'Deceptively Delicious' by Jessica Seinfeld. Yes, this is the famous Jerry Seinfeld's wife - but it stands well enough on its own. The book was pretty popular when it was released and I can see why - it's laid out very nicely and has a lot of amazingly easy and yummy-looking recipes in it.

The idea behind the book is that you can 'hide' vegetable purees in all kinds of regular food (in particular butternut squash and carrots, which I think are in about 50% of her recipes). Fortunately Layla LOVES vegetables so we haven't had any trouble getting her to eat them. But, she doesn't like every entree we give her and I felt like we might fall into a rut with the 5 or so things we know she'll like (spaghetti, pizza, mac & cheese, quinoa and bean salad, and pulled pork). So, we've been trying some new recipe books geared towards kids - or rather, the Amazing Studly Hubby, who does all the cooking in our house, has been trying new recipe books.

I've discovered that the recipes in this book are so easy I can even follow them. And some of the recipes are so simple you can't believe you've never heard of it. Tonight for dinner, I added butternut squash to our usual box mac & cheese and it was delicious (there is also a home-made mac & cheese recipe but who needs that?). I never would have thought of that! So, the the J & D household gives this recipe book 6 thumbs up.


Mandy said...

We just got this cookbook, too, and I really like the general concept behind it. We, too, are running out of good (and quick, and easy) toddler meals for Mia, so I'm hoping to try out a few of these new recipes soon. (I actually tried adding a can of white beans into her normal boxed mac 'n cheese last week, thinking that I could trick her into eating a few along with the pasta, but she wasn't fooled! I wasn't being deceptive enough!)

J-Funk said...

We just tried the hamburger/cauliflower recipe and it was delicious!! It's funny we both got the same recipe book at the same time. We're already big fans.