Sunday, March 27, 2011

Layla in the cart!

Now that Layla is a big 1-year old, she really likes running errands with us. Yesterday we took her to the mall and did a little shopping, which included a stop at Storables to look at locking garbage cans. While we were there we let Layla ride around in the cart for the first time.

Before this we rarely ever took Layla to the grocery store. We order a lot of our groceries from Amazon Fresh, we get a fresh veggie box twice a month, and the few times we go to the grocery store we either leave Layla at home or take her in a baby carrier or the stroller. After she had so much fun in the cart at Storables on Saturday, we decided to take her with us to the grocery store today and she had a blast. We had her ride around in the front part. It was a full grocery run with a full cart and by the end she really wanted to get at all the stuff we had piled up in the cart. Fortunately we were done right when she start really getting upset!


Peggy said...

I need to see some video footage of the walking skills! If there is additional footage of Miss Layla's first birthday I would LOVE to see that too! She's a cutie!

Has the shyness gone?

J-Funk said...

Nope, still shy! I'll get some more videos posted soon. Hopefully I can start getting caught up now that we are out of cold and flu season!