Saturday, December 04, 2010

New videos!

Here are two new videos that highlight what Layla has been up to.

First, she is crawling super fast and getting into even more stuff around the house! I think she's an inch taller since we got back from the Motherland too, which means she can be even more NAUGHTY! Here she is getting into things and then zipping across the room to come visit me.

Second, she is becoming really interactive with us. Here she is copying the Studly Hubby as he teaches her how to roar. Get ready for super-cuteness.


Tony and Lisa said...

Oh, my, super rock! She is amazing!

Peggy said...

She is a fantastic baby! I love the roars!

Uncle KT said...

Those were awesome videos. Layla videos always put me in a good mood--keep them coming! MORE!

Liz said...

I love the roaring!! Soooo cute!

vlovesmac said...

OMG It was so cute I almost died!

SOOooo cute!