Sunday, October 31, 2010

Layla's enthusiasm

Layla likes a lot of weird things. She LOVES her sippy cup like it's the long-lost friend she just discovered.

She also loves her monkey chair and now that she's mobile she doesn't even need to be in it - she just wants to go over and shake it a bunch.

Other things she finds fascinating:

Furniture hardware (particularly the coffee table drawer knobs)
Remote controls
Computer keyboards (early evidence she is leaning towards geekdom)
Cups (not just sippy cups - any kind of cup)
Zippers and buttons and straps
Strings and cords
Coasters - especially our bamboo ones (although we let her have those so she is quickly losing interest)

As you can see in the video, we have one enthusiastic kid on our hands. It's fun to rediscover the joy of things like shoelaces as you watch her delight in them.


uncle bruce said...

She's setting the bar high for her future cousins!

I remember when I visited her future granddad, when her future mom was a little toddler who had discovered keys and was delighted to stick her dad's keys in the door.

MJ said...

She's getting so big! :)

Kerry said...

I want a monkey chair! It looks like fun. Does she share