Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I don't have pictures, but wanted to announce that miss Layla popped her two front bottom teeth this weekend!!

It was a big weekend! It was the 6 month anniversary of her due date (Feb 28 2010) so we had Yellow Leaf cupcakes (the best in town), and went on a shopping spree for her 6-month photo shoot coming up in two weeks. Boy, you can spend a lot of money fast on cute baby clothes!! She also ate her first solid food (see below) and popped her first teeth, all at once. What a big girl!!


MJ said...

Fun! Has she been having problems with the teething? Mia always sleeps worse when she's about to pop another set out! And since she barely slept last night, I'm hoping that her two front (main) teeth are coming through right now! :) I just posted pics of her bottom ones and one of her top ones that just came through - after reading about Layla!

J-Funk said...

YES it seems like she's been 'teething' for over a month, so I'm glad we were guessing right! She was super duper cranky last week but also was sick.