Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Party '09

It's nice to have a spouse that works in industry because they have fancy Christmas parties, and if I'm lucky I get invited. We have been to some really awesome Christmas parties in our day, the best were put on by the first company he ever worked for back in the homeland (Iowa) and everyone would go out and buy ball gowns and dance all night and get wasted and stumble up to a hotel room afterwards and leave the kids at home for the night. We were wee college tikes and thought it was a pretty great time.

Now that we're all grown up we still try to have a good time and so I was excited to get invited to this year's party. It was James Bond themed, so I put on a black dress and got some flashy shoes (flats of course, now that they're in I couldn't resist) and we headed downtown (Bellevue) to party down.

Me just before - it's amazing what lipstick and dim lighting can do!

The flashy shoes

The Studly Hubby, sipping on a bond-like martini

James Bond, or at least a hired look-alike that really looked like him! It spooked me out a little. If you want to hire James Bond to come to your next party, you can! Here is his website.

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Girl Detective said...

What would James Bond name his child?