Sunday, June 07, 2009

This is NOT an abandoned blog

My goal is to keep posting even if the blog posts become fewer and fewer. This time I can't even blame Facebook - my status was left unchanged for so long that it finally defaulted to nothing, and I have 66 requests stacked up that I haven't dealt with. I've just plain been busy. What have I been doing?

I'm not sure.

Let's see.... (figures tapping on forehead, memories being recalled, chocolate cake being eaten for an energy source, aha! I remember now)

Working, socializing, vacationing, socializing, and working. Last weekend we hung out on a friend's sailboat all afternoon Saturday, then went to a movie Saturday night and the Studly Hubby was so excited he forgot to eat dinner then felt sick at the movie theater. The weekend before Memorial Day weekend we went to a Whiskey party that was actually quite a well attended event (which meant LOTS of whiskey to try... and I found one that I like, which happens to be $200 a bottle, the Johnny Walker Blue). This weekend we went to a BBQ at a friend's house on Saturday afternoon. In between all that we've listened to some live music (Builders and the Butchers, our favorite West Coast band, and the Mates of State, another great band from the West Coast), I joined a Saturday morning yoga class, we helped a friend move waaaaay out to Mountlake Terrace, and we visited with several good midwest friends, one was in town for a conference (yay Katy, we missed you and were so happy to see you!) and the others live in town but we somehow only rarely hook up.

So it's been a very busy spring. But I am happy to report that it's been a really fun spring. Next week the Studly Hubby and I are taking off for a week-long trip to the midwest which includes a weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks - I was so excited I bought TWO swimsuits (see above post).

Hope you are all having a good spring too, and you haven't given up on me! I will try to post again before too long.

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