Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Builders and the Butchers LIVE at the Crocodile...!

Last Saturday night we went to a rockin' awesome concert at the newly renovated Crocodile in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle. We saw the Builders and the Butchers (PLEASE go check out their website, they have streaming music so you can get a taste of it and you will fall in love), a blue-grass/rock band from Portland OR. They have a really neat, unique sound and put on an AWESOME show.

This is them playing onstage with a good shot of the audience (~200 people boogying down):

We've seen a lot of live music, but we've never seen this: halfway through the show, a woman got up onstage and started dancing around with them. They happily encouraged her, and we assumed they knew her, but at the end of the song the lead singer asked her for her name, then said into the mic, "believe it or not, this is NOT the first time a total stranger has gotten up onstage and danced with us." Well after that, since they obviously didn't mind, more people got up onstage and started dancing with them. Some of them were not so sober. One guy in particular almost fell off the stage, we were a little worried about him but he fared ok. They encouraged the audience to sing along, they handed out shakers for the audience to shake, and then for the last song they made everyone in the first two rows of the audience get onstage (plus everyone from the first two opening bands) and they all danced around together. Here's a picture (sorry it's a little blurry, it was getting late!):

It was so much FUN! Plus I've heard that they have actually played the last song OUTSIDE in good weather... NEAT!

I highly recommend this band, both the music AND the show. Plus, if you're ever in Seattle, the Crocodile is a pretty nice place too...

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Uncle KT said...

Too bad YOU didn't get on stage!